I am an Interdisciplinary Analyst with an interest in how complex areas like policy, the financial world and the public sector overlap. I also cultivate a wide range of commercial and freelance interests.

At the moment these include:

  • Being author of ‘It took another riot’, the report of the Mayor’s Independent Panel on Tottenham concerning the regeneration of the area
  • Delivering presentations explaining the finance industry to outsiders
  • Freelance writing for The Evening Standard and The Independent on housing policy
  • Writing as an Associate Editor for Mergers & Inquisitions, the world’s leading website for breaking into front-office finance
  • Having written ‘How to Find a Graduate Job’ as well as a guide on how to raise venture capital
  • Angel Investing
  • Bespoke report-writing
  • I also fish for interesting business ideas, and if I find something exciting I’ll shoot it across to real investors, or give the company some pointers to help them on their way

I have worked in the finance team of a private equity house; at a strategy consultancy spun out from Bain; at a market research firm; running events for financial publishing house Euromoney, and latterly in product work at a startup in the payments space.

You can read my CV here, or find more about my professional background here.

Of course people are so much more than what they do, and if I have a defining trait, it’s that I’m interested in pretty much everything. The venture capital world, entrepreneurship, technology and finance are definitely toward the front, but the human condition, psychology and society are also fairly high up there.

I live in London, and have had the fortune to live and work in six countries, receive my BSc from University College London in 2006 and spend half my teenage years at Winchester College, a quirky place where the learning experience wasn’t just about the boxes you ticked and the grade you got.