2012.12.12 No smoke without fire: how riot stereotypes damage Tottenham (The Independent)

2012.07.27 The Office Politics Game (Mergers & Inquisitions)

2012.05.09 Boris needs to solve the government’s housing policy time bomb (The Independent)

2012.05.03 Why the London mayoral election will not be won on housing policy (Evening Standard)

2012.05.02 ‘Generation Rent': you shoulder the real risk of politicians’ inaction on London housing (Evening Standard)

2012.05.01 Forget ‘buy to let’ – ‘build to let’ is the way forward (Evening Standard)

2012.04.30 Has the green belt had its day? (Evening Standard)

2012.04.27 London households: the facts (Evening Standard)

2012.04.25 London’s housing problem is damaging the UK economy (Evening Standard)

2012.04.24 ‘Social cleansing’ claim shines light on the consequences of housing benefit caps (Evening Standard)

2012.04.23 What ‘Homes for London’ will mean for the capital (Evening Standard)

2012.04.20 Another piece for the Evening Standard on the areas with the most affordable housing in London.

2012.04.19 My second piece for the Evening Standard on the London Mayor’s new housing policy powers.

2012.04.18 My first piece for the Evening Standard – a comparison of the different major London Mayoral candidates’ housing policies.

2011.11.20 My second piece on Mergers & Inquisitions, on how to get the best out of recruiters.

2011.09.15 My first piece for Mergers & Inquisitions, on Mezzanine Finance.

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