Book: How to Find a Graduate Job

How to Find a Graduate Job

In the world of graduate job hunting, preparation is essential. Natural brilliance isn’t enough if the rest of the best bother to go the extra mile, and a savvy strategy can trounce even the very brightest when the space they have to express themselves amounts to only several paragraphs.

Worse still, ruthless predators stalk this competitive arena and tease valuable business intelligence from fresh graduates, costing them not only time and energy, but often snatching jobs from right under their noses. Get this comprehensive guide to landing your first graduate role and join the world’s best graduates landing the top jobs whilst learning the answers to the following questions in the process:

          • What must you never tell recruitment consultants?

          • Who should you call before spending thousands on a masters degree?

          • What is the real point of networking, and the secret to being great at it?

          • What is the most effective job hunting strategy for your timeline?

          • Who is the most influential person in the average organisation?

Covering the hunting process in full, from deciding what sorts of roles might suit you, to researching potential industries, through to positioning yourself, writing CVs and applications and navigating the final hurdles such as psychometric tests and interviews, this guide gives you a street-smart inside track to quickly beating what for many graduates is highly stressful and demotivating task. It tells you what you need to know, and when and why you need to know it, ending with a check list summarising the most important actions you need to take. The guide is also suitable for those about to begin university, as well as those looking to change careers or enter a new industry.

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