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Spring cleaning…

Right, so after an extended hiatus (aka general distractedness) it’s time to get my blog back in shape again. Somewhat shocked to read the navel-gazing naffness I’d put up a couple of years ago, so have canned that. In terms of future content the past was certainly no guide, although I anticipate a mix of […]

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Apparently I can publish from my iPhone…

Having just failed to publish with the WordPress app I thought I’d try one more time. Photo is of London Eye ~5am earlier this summer.

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I’m terrified of public writing

So, I’ve finally got my act together enough to get a blog going. The process is fraught with decisions – most of them dry and technical, such as choosing a host or blogging platform – but some of them more personal. For example, does the nascent blogger keep his privacy and an unselfconscious writing style […]

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